About Pat’s Glasgow West End Online Shop

Pay ByrneI’ve been crocheting hats for over fifty years. I’m especially busy at Christmas when each year I make hats for my many great-nieces, nephews, sons and friends.  Last Christmas Jim decided to photograph some of the hats and then posted them on Facebook. I was delighted to receive requests from people interesting in buying them.  I thought perhaps I might sell some online?  They are my own designs and everyone is different.

Jim had also expanded his creativity and last year he was as busy with his photography as he was with his songwriting.  His work is currently being shown in two galleries in Glasgow’s West End.  In addition he created designs from photographs, which now appear on the cushions for sale on the website. He is currently developing a series of West End Postcards, T-shirts and other items.  They are absolutely unique and gorgeous and available for sale on the site.

Thanks very much to Dini and Caitlin for being my models. They both look fantastic.